What does (a solution to) state failure look like?

*The following article is an abridged version of the piece How can business chambers fight back against state failure? Click here to view the longer version. The state’s governance abilities are rapidly declining across all levels, resulting in mismanagement of infrastructure and a decrease in policing capacity. Deteriorating business conditions arise from failing infrastructure and […]

Adopting Bitcoin 2024 – Strategies and Insights for Addressing State Failure

At the recent Adopting Bitcoin 2024 conference in Cape Town, Russell Lamberti, executive director at Sakeliga, shed light on pragmatic solutions to combat the pervasive issue of state failure.   Rather than merely discussing the challenges posed by failing state institutions, he delved into concrete strategies to mitigate their impact while drawing on lessons from […]

How can business chambers fight back against state failure?

Sakeliga’s mission is to create scalable solutions to state failure. These three concepts – scalable, solutions, state failure – hold some key insights for how organised business communities can resist state failure and chaos in their towns and build healthy environments for businesses and the communities they serve. Let’s explore each of these concepts, starting […]

Fiscal Deterioration Amplifies Policy Desperation

The recent deterioration in the South African government’s finances is a reminder of its anti-growth policies and reckless spending habits which are destroying vast amounts of wealth each year. But it also raises the threat of a negative policy feedback loop, in which extreme fiscal strain inspires desperate government officials to escalate the very policies already doing so much harm.

Energy independence is taken back, not granted

Our highest energy priority is to produce enough of it. We can expect attempts from bureaucrats, cronies, and ideologues to block our efforts to establish energy independence. Energy freedom and independence will not be granted by benevolent leaders – it will have to be taken back by resilient, state-proof communities, companies, and institutions.

Sakeliga demands answers from the Department of Health and proposes that municipal governments do not police lockdown and curfew rules

As 2021 draws to a close, Sakeliga has sent out two important letters to national and local governments pertaining to Covid-19. A letter from our attorneys to the National Department of Health regarding its withdrawal of contact tracing, quarantine and isolation protocols related to coronavirus Covid-19. A letter to all mayors, municipal managers, and local law-enforcement decision-makers advising them to shield their towns and local economies from lockdown harms. 1) Letter to the Department of […]

2021 Mini-budget confirms the merit of Sakeliga’s strategy of state-proofing 

Sakeliga regards Thursday’s mid-year budget update from National Treasury as another confirmation of the need for businesses and communities to state-proof themselves as much as possible. Finance minister Enoch Gondongwana’s mini-budget confirmed that the government does not take seriously enough the fiscal crisis it has created since 2009.   The government has committed to incur 350 to 400 billion rand – around 6% of GDP – worth of new […]