Welcome to Sakeliga's trial ready arbitration platform

Sakeliga wants to help solve the bottleneck on the court roll. More than 30 advocates and lawyers have already indicated their willingness to act pro deo as arbitrators via Sakeliga’s new arbitration platform.

Do your or your client’s dispute meet the following requirements? Then apply to use Sakeliga’s pro deo arbitration referral platform


Advocates involved


Arbitrators' average years of experience


Senior counsel involved

Step 1: Application

Download the pre-trial minutes here, make any necessary changes, and send them to

Step 2: Nominate arbitrator

Sakeliga will, subject to availability, propose three arbitrators for the case, one of whom must be nominated by the parties.

Step 3: Arbitration date

Once an arbitrator has been nominated by the parties, Sakeliga issues a notice of arbitration. The parties and arbitrator then agree to a hearing date, and provide all documentation required by the arbitrator.

Step 4: Arbitration hearing

Hearing takes place over a period of one to three days