Keep air services free from BEE licensing prerequisites

Sakeliga has proof that South Africa’s air services regulators (domestic and international) are trying to make BEE a prerequisite for air services licenses.


This is in conflict with their strict statutory mandate for aviation safety and accountability.


Sakeliga is restraining the councils’ unlawful and harmful conduct.

Under law, the air services licensing councils should focus on:

Aviation Safety

Aviation Accountability

There exists no basis in legislation to make race, transformation or B-BBEE a prerequisite for air services licenses. All the relevant legislation, like the Air Services Licensing Act (115 of 1990), focus on safety and accountability. 

Instead, the licensing councils are now unlawfully focusing on:

Aviation Safety

Aviation Accountability

Race requirements

Sakeliga is Taking Action

Sakeliga is currently consulting with aviation role players, gathering information, and putting legal pressure on the air services councils.

So far, one of the councils has requested time to obtain legal advice. However, we stand ready to litigate with industry support, if necessary.

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Making BEE Compulsory

Sakeliga has been approached by local and international air services providers.


We have evidence that South Africa’s air services councils are making BEE a requirement for issuing and renewing air services licenses.


This is unlawful and harmful.


Under law, air services licenses must depend on safety and accountability, and not race.


Sakeliga opposes the councils’ unlawful conduct.

The air services licensing councils are turning political.


Do you want to keep politics out of the aviation business and allow air services companies to provide the best services at the lowest cost? 

Support the fight for free trade in aviation:

The Bigger Picture: 3rd Wave BEE

BEE is entering a new and very harmful phase.


In the 1990’s, empowerment deals were largely voluntary. This was Wave 1.


From 2001 tot 2020, procurement and BEE legislation made BEE compulsory when doing business with the state. This was Wave 2.


Today, BEE is being written directly into multiple acts and regulations for every industry. The state increasingly seeks to prohibit you from doing any business at all, unless you meet BEE prerequisites. This is BEE Wave 3: it will be devastating and must be stopped.

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Do you have information that can help us? We can keep it confidential.

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