AfriBusiness announces series of discussions on transformation pressure


The business organisation AfriBusiness will soon host a series of discussions on what business people are to do in light of the increasing pressure to transform. The first of these discussions will take place in Pretoria on 24 October 2017. 

“One of the single most significant threats to prosperity in South Africa is the increasing demands on businesses to ‘transform’. What currently happens is that every aspect of commercial activities – including property rights, freedom of contract, customer service, employment, takeovers and mergers, licencing, supplier agreements and even goodwill and donations – are subjected to race requirements instead of sound business principles. Even family enterprises and sole proprietorships do not escape this pressure. It has the potential for an economic catastrophe,” says Piet le Roux, CEO of AfriBusiness.

AfriBusiness intends to facilitate a business community that is prosperous and resistant to harmful state interventions. “We have Afrikaans roots and we act unashamedly from this base in the interests of our Afrikaans and non-Afrikaans members, for the benefit of our members and society in general,” Le Roux concludes.

Attendance is by invitation only and limited seating is available, but interested parties may direct enquiries to [email protected]. More details of the first discussion on 24 October as well as subsequent discussions will be made available later.