About us


Sakeliga was established in 2011 as a self-reliant non-profit business group. We are building a self-reliant business community to enhance and augment the business environment. We enhance the business environment through policy and legal interventions, and we augment the business environment with alternative mechanisms for business where it is found wanting owing to politics.

In short, Sakeliga creates and protects the environment in which the business community, and the community in general, does business. Our actions are based on a free market, constitutionalism, sustainability and a strong community value system.

Our approach is rooted in centuries of business truths and is confirmed by international trends and established business practices.

Our plan for a successful business community (and your part in it)

The economy is a chain of services where business people and businesses need each other so as to be successful. A successful business community contributes to social stability. 

Sakeliga therefore is implementing a plan for local business communities. More than ever before, it is up to business communities to stand up to the process of decay. There always will be a limit to what Sakeliga, being one business organisation, can achieve. Consequently, we are focusing more on strengthening as many local business communities as possible, organising them under an aligned legal strategy. In this way we can achieve more together and create legal precedents for one another.

Nobody is better equipped to seek and implement solutions and opportunities in decay than an entrepreneur. Sakeliga’s role simply is to co-ordinate and strengthen solution-driven business communities.