Month: January 2021

Race-based tourism relief fund for businesses is harmful and unacceptable – Sakeliga

The new black-only government fund for businesses in tourism is harmful and runs contrary to the public interest. It is morally and economically unacceptable that the state is forcing businesses to base their business decisions on racial classification even in times of crisis. This, according to a  statement by Piet le Roux, CEO of the business group Sakeliga, after the launch of the Tourism Equity Fund on Tuesday by President Cyril Ramaphosa.  […]
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South Africa’s small enterprises still without support

According to the website of the Department of Small Business Development, the department seeks to ensure an “enabling legislative and policy environment” to support the growth and sustainability of South Africa’s small enterprises. If this is true – and the department’s track-record does not testify to its truthfulness – the department is making a mistake with the […]
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